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new day credit repairNew Day Credit Repair has been helping folks in Los Angeles and around SoCal to get a better credit score. They are able to bring fifty to one hundred points to one’s credit score utilizing their proprietary credit repair software, which builds a personalized credit restoration campaign around and individual customer’s record. Getting in touch with them is done by phone or through the form on their website or with a simple email. Getting your credit repaired is a good idea, “New Day Credit Repair, because We Care!”

Credit restoration Process:

Getting your credit restored is a process of examining a credit report then working with the credit bureaus to get negative or derogatory claims off your record – or any potential wrong information. The goal of a campaign is to increase one’s creditworthiness and to build trust with lenders and banks. Any time you begin working on repairing your credit, you will experience a new buying power which may allow for you to get a lower interest rate and higher limits on credit cards, car loans and mortgages.

Credit Bureaus and Your Score

The credit bureaus use powerful mathematical equations called algorithms, which look at your credit report and they are able to determine the amount of risk you pose to a lender. The ultimate question answered by your credit score is “will you pay the money back?” This is ultimately the risk that the score evaluates, and the score can come up as fast as it dropped according to New Day in this news article.
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